But some wizards aren't interested in making powerful relics; they're interested in making nonsense, because they're crazy, or things that will screw your character over, because they're jerks. The result? The first of many magical items that I will simply call "Artifacts of Dickishness.

So why would anyone waste their time making a magic item whose only result is making someone kind of annoying? The Ring of Contrariness — which, as you might have suspected, forces the wearer to disagree with everything anyone says — it a prime example of some wizard wasting his time.

I can only assume Bell the Wizard was reading The Picture of Dorian Grey when he was inspired to make this magic art palette, which, when used to paint a self-portrait, allows all status effects — basically anything you'd make a saving throw for — get transferred to the portrait instead.

Nice, right? Alas, Bell clearly didn't finish Dorian Grey, or else he might have released that leaving the painting at home was a key part of its power. Users of the Palette must carry their self-portraits around wherever they go; if they don't have the paintings literally on their body, its powers are useless. So close, Bell! Lots of items allow players to teleport: helms, scrolls, rods, weapons, and more. And then there's a gourd. A gourd that lets you teleport.

While holding, and presumably carrying around, a gourd. Why a gourd, and why not, say, a ring of teleportation? A wand, mayhap? Or even a cloak or an amulet? Discovering the answer to that sounds like an adventure of its own. I swear this is real. The official description: "When a wizard casts any spell while wearing the ring, a sheaf of papers and a quill pen suddenly appear in his hand.

The papers are forms that must be filled out in triplicate explaining the effects of the spell, why the wizard wishes to cast it, whether it is for business or pleasure, and so on. The forms must be filled out before the effects of the spell will occur. The higher the level of the spell cast, the more complicated the forms become. Filling out the forms requires one round per level of spell. Ha ha, yeah, like Jack and the Beanstalk, right? Except they aren't.

When planted, these beans usually turn into monsters that attack you. But not instantly; you have to put them specifically in the ground and water them for them to turn into monsters that attack you. So not only are these beans actively harmful to you, you have to put in effort for them to work at all. But my favorite part? If the beans are removed from their bag by any method other than somebody's hand, they just outright explode. This potion is basically The Potion of Being The Thing from Fantastic Four — you rub it all over yourself, go to sleep, and when you wake up… well, you have pebble flesh.

It gives you a natural armor, but it lowers your Dexterity, your movement rate, and of course makes you look like a hideous monster. Although an Artifact of Dickishness, the Wand of Misplaced Objects is slightly more useful in that it's technically an offensive weapon for its bearer.

Using the wand causes the target to become surrounded by golden orbs which spin around him. When they disappear, the target discovers all his shit has been moved — his sword is back in its sheath, things in his pockets are in his backpack, his shoe is on his hand, etc.

fun magic items 5e

More effective than just blasting the dude with a fireball spell? I think not. When used, it performs one of 20 completely random functions, which can include 1 a powerful gust of wind, 2 butterflies appearing out of nowhere, 3 shrinking the wand holder, and 4 making leaves grow on the target for some reason.

Say you were a soldier.This is quite a shame, as some of these items are very useful for low-level adventurers. Some of which can be game-breaking at a low level or simply incredibly useful no matter what level of play is involved. The following is a list of magic items that are either useful but commonly overlooked by adventurers or game-breaking considering their rarity. This sword, no matter what version of it a player finds, is useful. The weapon itself is so useful at low levels for damage it outclasses some higher-level items that the player may find later on.

Extremely useful for any party in hostile territory, this instant fortress does just that, activate it, wait a few seconds, and BOOM instant fortification. The problem is that this thing isn't necessarily being used properly. Though a great fortification, it makes a better one-shot per encounter grenade. Its sudden change in mass mid-air makes this makes-shift grenade the largest missile a party can portably move in their arsenal.

fun magic items 5e

Hopefully, the rest of the enemies won't pile into the fortress after it lands though. Great for long treks through places where there won't be any water this item has its utility value already set out for it.

No attunement required it can produce essentially infinite water, the only thing restricting it from doing so is the players don't have infinite time. Besides creating jet water that can cause an enemy to be knocked down, it fills holes with said water, which can infuriate a DM who had plans for those holes.

This is an easy way to get a low-level character some much needed ranged firepower. The longbow is fantastic but few creatures have proficiency like monks or other classes that lack range.


This item is a tad boring and bland, but it makes up for it with what it can do for a character. Functionally making a martial class very effective in range combat where otherwise they wouldn't have any range at all.

Many players look at this and gloss over it, which is odd, any item that has many uses should be examined and scrutinized. This thing can only be moved by a DC30 strength check when locked in place and it can support up to 8 tons. All that's needed to lock it in place is to press a button on it. It can bar doors from one side by placing it against the side where the hinges swing in.

It can be used by a savvy fighter to parry the blows of an ogre with well-timed pushes of the button. Get enough of them they don't need attunement and they make a freestyle ladder a player can climb indefinitely. If a player can get one inside a larger creature and activate it, the creature now has an 8-ton immovable object on its esophagus. Its uses are endless and effective regardless of level.

This amulet allows players to hop planes an infinite number of times daily whenever they want. Any encounter the players don't like they can walk away from. Unless that creature knows which plane they went to and can planar travel themselves, it can't follow the players. This is the 'get out of any situation free card'. Its also perfect where characters are being hunted or need to find rare items, they just hop planes until they aren't followed or until they find a magical bazaar. This will break a game very quickly and a DM who gives this out will have to bring some rules into play about its use.

The ability to fly cannot be understated, to remove the fear of dealing with direct melee damage is huge for spell casters and other squishy characters. At a higher level, flying becomes important for a number of reasons, and to have it at a low level can be game-breaking.Beyond the usual treasure that players tend to find, it's not uncommon for them to come across magical items that could prove useful.

Magical items range from common to legendary. There are low-level items that anyone in the party can use as well as items only the wizards or the sorcerers of the group can play around with. As new players delve into the game and others learn to DM for the first time, having magic weapons they can use early in their campaigns makes for an even richer gaming experience. The Alchemy Jug weighs 12 pounds at all times and always has a sloshing sound whether there is liquid in the jug or not.

The players are able to use an action and name a liquid and it is able to produce it. There are only certain liquids it can make: Acid, wine, basic potion, salt or fresh water, oil, mayo, vinegar, beer, and honey. In an adventure, the players never know when they might need acid or honey. When someone is holding this metal rod, they push a button on it. Then, the rod will stay in place and not move from that spot — even if it is floating in the air. The rod can withstand up to 8, pounds of pressure.

Otherwise, it will only be moved again when someone presses the button. One reason this item is so fun is that it has almost unlimited possibilities, depending on how creative players get. The robe of useful items is just an ordinary robe covered in patches, except that every time a player pulls off one of the patches, it turns into the item depicted. The robe has two patches for each of the following items: hempen rope, daggers, steel mirrors, bullseye lanterns, and foot poles.

Additional patches could contain items such as four potions of healing, two mastiffs, a saddled horse, ten gems which each are valued at GP, and a bag of GP, among other items. Just when to introduce magic weapons into a game is debated among players and Dungeon Masters, since the moment players access them, melee combat changes dramatically.

This also allows players to fight certain monsters that are resistant or immune to conventional weapons. Any Glamerweave clothes can feature incredible illusory effects that alter their appearance, perhaps making them seem wreathed in flame or as though patterns on the cloth moved. Beyond this, Glamerweave garments allow players to roll a D4 any time they make a Persuasion or Performance check and add the amount from the D4 onto their overall skill check. Magic Missile is one of the most popular low-level spells available to arcane spellcasters.

It is an incredible ranged damage spell that never misses. The Wand of Magic Missiles allows a player to cast the spell regardless of whether they have arcane spellcasting. The weapon has seven charges until it is used up, at which point players roll a D20; on a 1, the item crumples into ash. The next magical item on this list is the wWnged Boots. The wearer of these boots is able to fly up to four hours while wearing them. Whenever the boots are not used for 12 hours, they regain 2 hours of flying time.

The Winged Boots are something on the more magical and fun side that a DM can give to their players early in a game. While the players might assume to give these Bracers of Archery to their Archer, it would actually be best to give these to a player that is not proficient in long or short bows.One of the most exciting parts of adventuring is the discovery of magic items tucked away in long lost catacombs, heavily guarded lairs, or well-hidden treasure chests.

Thankfully, the DMG does provide some guidelines on magic level rarity and it's relevance to player character levels. A mid-level party consists of characters between levels and should most often be receiving magic items of rare quality or lower.

The armor of resistance provides a simple, yet effective, benefit. Resistance to one damage type of the DM's choice. The best part about the DM doing the choosing is that he or she is likely to know best what kind of damage the players are going to be running into. Make sure to give your players an armor of resistance that provides resistance to a damage type relevant in your game. Otherwise, the item's great boon will fall to the wayside due to its rare applications. The goal is for players to be excited about owning magic items, after all.

​The 20 Most WTF Magical Items in Dungeons & Dragons

If thinking ahead about encounters so that you can provide a damage type resistance that's meaningful sounds like too much work, you can always just give your players an item with an on-use effect instead. The boots of speed allow you to use a bonus action to double your movement speed.

More importantly, while this double speed is active, enemies have disadvantage on opportunity attacks made against you. Any player that enjoys darting around the map will instantly fall in love with this item. After all, the variety of things you can do with spellcasting is ultimately a lot more dynamic than simply making another attack roll.

The cape of the mountebank reels that regret in by giving its owner the ability to cast the 4th level dimension door spell as an action once per long rest. A character that performs best when in the most dangerous position on the map will find this item especially useful. There are a handful of items that serve well for this purpose, but the dagger of venom is an especially wicked choice. If an attack using this weapon hits a creature during this time, the creature must make a DC 15 constitution saving throw or take 2d10 poison damage and become poisoned for the next minute.

If your players enjoy taking prisoners, that's all the reason you need to bestow upon them magical shackles. They adjust in size to fit a target of small or large size. On top of conferring the benefits of regular shackles, the dimensional shackles also prevent their captor from using any means of extradimensional movement. But perhaps most impressively, a creature can only make a strength check to escape the shackles once every 30 days.Sometimes they are so powerful they open up an entirely new strategy to a character.

But magic items can be much more than artifacts that make your player's characters more powerful. Many of these hijinks are at the expense of the players. As anyone who's been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a while will tell you, the deck of many things is chief among these disastrous devices.

One thing is for certain: after introducing a few of these magic items into your campaign, your players won't look at magic items the same way again. While the most menacing magic item of all is undoubtedly the legendary deck of many things, the bag of devouring comes in at a close second. For, like the deck of many things, the bag of devouring is very capable of killing an unsuspecting party.

It takes the shape of a bag of holding, hiding its malicious nature like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Any creature who starts their turn inside the bag is instantly and entirely devoured. Other players may attempt to pull people inside of the bag out, but first, they must avoid being pulled in themselves and second, they must beat a DC 20 Strength check.

Yummy adventurers. This item is capable of providing a lot of fun, especially for any player who is fond of pets. It can be used three times per day to summon a fey creature at random by rolling a d8. The creature is friendly to you and obeys your commands. Players who develop relationships with their fey-based friends by giving them names or summoning them as if they were pokemon will find this item extremely entertaining.

If you're going to be a hero, you've got to look the part! The way his cloak billows as if blown by hurricane-force winds, how dashing! This is a great item to give the most vane member of your party. It simultaneously gives a nod to the character's oversized ego, providing a good laugh for the other players at the table and satisfying the player's need to further inflate said ego. A win for all parties involved. Pets that like you are cool and all, but what's really all the rage are pets that despise you!

The perfect gift for a wizard, druid, or barbarian character, the Hat of Vermin allows its owner to summon a bat, rat, or frog three times per day. Each of these vermin is a critter, so they won't be much help in combat. Furthermore, the creatures summoned from this hat behave as normal and are not under the summoner's control. On the contrary, they try to get away from you as fast as possible! You could even have vermin spill out of the hat by dungeon master decision, plaguing one of your players with an endless curse of critters.

However, with an added twist of sentience, this item can also become a fun and memorable companion. Have the weapon warn the players by screaming a cry for help, repeatedly shouting of incoming danger, or speaking a memorable catchphrase such as "This time, you'll die for sure!

Speaking of amusement, the Wand of Smiles will amuse you, your players, and the characters in your game to no end. The charges stowed in this wand can be used to force a character to make a Charisma saving throw. On a failure, they forcibly smile for the next minute.

fun magic items 5e

It's perfect for playing a prank on the campaign's dark and foreboding big bad evil guy or bringing some levity into an otherwise gloomy situation. There's also a version of the wand that comes in scowls if smiles don't fit into your party's dynamic.This website exists thanks to the contribution of patrons on Patreon.

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D&D 5th Edition Magic Item List

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